New Fast and Furious Ride experience brings the mayhem to Universal Hollywood

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New Fast and Furious Ride experience brings the mayhem to Universal Hollywood

Postby Tink » Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:56 am

Buckle your seatbelts, this one looks like fun! Universal is transforming the Universal Studios Tour tram ride into a Fast and Furious experience...


Universal Studios Hollywood plans to open a new "experience" opening on June 25, 2015 called the Fast and Furious Supercharged.
This new ride based on the Fast and Furious franchise includes:
    a multi-stage story told through out the entire,
    Universal Studios Studio Tour tram ride with a 360-degree experience that looks like the streets of Los Angeles, USA.

Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson & Luke Evans provided film footage for the new ride.

The ride includes the following experiences:
    You are a park attendee at Universal on their tram ride.
    Someone on the tram is a witness that has to be protected from Owen Shaw (Evans).
    Agent Hobbs (Johnson) has recruited his friend Dom (Diesel) and his family to protect the witness.
    There are several phases to the experience along the tram ride including: props, interactions, videos & more.
    Ending with a huge building where the tram will have a final exciting experience.

The project started 3 years ago. This ride replaces the Mummy's tomb ride. (insert Sad Face :( for some here)
The experience is broken up into rooms including content around:
    Roman’s garage,
    a back garage party, and
    the main attraction.

Within the main attraction room, guests are surrounded by a new "world's largest" 3D movie screen with 40 speakers. This screen is 400 ft in size with film being shown from 18 different high quality projectors. The tram ride is stationary, but it uses hydraulics to move & shake it with the use of artificial wind to create an 80 mph to 120 mph driving experience. Universal claims the experience is slightly different for guests depending on where they sit in the tram & recommend riding several times. Sounds like an exciting blast that is the new "themed" improvement on the 'ol Universal Tram ride.

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