New World of Color show at California Adventure

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New World of Color show at California Adventure

Postby Tink » Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:17 pm

The reviews are in for the new and improved World of Color nighttime show at Disney's California Adventure. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, it features a little something for Disney lovers of all ages. Here's 1 review... How about your review?


The new World of Color at Disney California Adventure dials back the spectacle a few notches in favor of storytelling with a water show that still delivers plenty of wonder and amazement on a massive stage.

Dubbed “Celebrate,” the new hydrotechnic show debuting May 22 on the man-made lake of Paradise Pier tells the history of Walt Disney and his first theme park.
I watched a media preview on Wednesday night and found that I remained stunned by the scope and scale of World of Color and impressed by the audacity of the original water show concept.

World of Color debuted in 2010 with the promise of future updates. Since then, Disney has made small additions and deletions, but “Celebrate” marks the first complete overhaul of the show. “Celebrate” is hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, whose talents for the most part are sadly wasted. Unfortunately, the show is at its best when Harris gets out of the way. The fault does not lie with Harris but rather the script, which cries out for an editor and could be easily cut in half.

The first act of “Celebrate” pays tribute to Mickey Mouse and some of his early movies, including “Steamboat Willie.”
Maybe it’s the slower pacing of the older movies, but the show seems to get bogged down in too much unnecessary exposition at the beginning. Far too much of the narration states the obvious and could easily have gone unsaid.

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