Disney USA Firings canceled after Public Outcry

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Disney USA Firings canceled after Public Outcry

Postby Tink » Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:55 pm

May 2015, approximately 35 technology employees @ Disney/ABC Television in Burbank, CA & New York, NY were told they would all be fired, and that during their final weeks they would have to train immigrants brought in by an Indian outsourcing company to do their jobs that they no longer have.

Training their offshore replacements had begun. After a few days the training was stopped with no explanation or communication by Disney as to why it stopped. In New York, the Indian immigrants suddenly stopped coming to the Disney office. By June 11, 2015, Disney management told these same Disney employees (who they had fired) that their firings had been canceled. How's that for company culture?! The Disney employees were told their jobs were continuing & they should go about their prior job as if nothing had happened until further notice.

News of the Disney firings to be backfilled by cheap Indians has begun to worry technology employees across Disney’s evil empire. Most likely Disney's fear that key USA employees would begin leaving on their own in large waves before Disney could fire them with forced Indian outsourced backfills, sent chills through the Disney executive team. Not to mention the massive American marketing backlash & the clearly blatant disregard to potential illegal terminations & use of H-1B's.

Disney has already suffered a 1% loss in market share year over year. These Disney anti-american jobs marketing efforts will clearly continue to erode the Disney brand & have a further negative impact on their market share & revenue.

These firings were happening just shortly after 250 more firings of Disney employees back in Jan 2015 at Disney World in Orlando. Employees who were fired in Orlando said they had to sit with Indian immigrants, some on temporary work visas known as H-1B, & teach them how to perform their jobs (they were just fired from) as a condition for receiving severance pay. <-- Looks Illegal

The (potentially illegal) Indian outsourcing company Cognizant happy about the firings in the Disney NY office refused to respond to calls or email.

The Walt Disney World firings & firings at other USA companies have added fuel to a debate about these "temporary" visas, including H-1B’s, that outsourcing firms use to bring immigrants, mainly from India, to intentionally End AMERICAN Jobs. The visas are meant for foreigners with specialized skills to fill discrete positions when Americans with those skills are not available. In the applications large companies must file for the visas, they have to confirm that no American workers will be displaced. Of course, they LIE.

The Labor Department said last week that it had opened an investigation into only 2 outsourcing companies, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) & Infosys, for work they did for Southern California Edison, a power utility. It also referred complaints to the Justice Department for a separate inquiry. Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat of Florida, has called for an investigation of the H-1B visa program.

Tech workers who lost jobs in Orlando said Cognizant was 1 of the firms importing Indian immigrants to replace them.
Current & former Disney tech workers have previously not spoken publicly about the layoffs. But on Saturday, one former Disney employee in Orlando, Keith Barrett, 57, posted a personal account on Google Plus. After working at Disney for more than 10 years, he wrote, he was forced in January to take a retirement that “was not planned & was 7 years before we were financially ready.” He said his family was “dealing with medical challenges.”

His time at Disney was “filled with numerous awesome moments,” wrote Mr. Barrett, who runs a blog about information technology and was managing development projects when he was laid off.

The tech employees he knew who had been required to train foreign replacements had “routinely sacrificed personal time & freedoms to help make your experience what it was” in the theme parks, he wrote. Their skills were adequate for the broad reorganization of its technology operations Disney had announced, he said. “Any skill situation could have been addressed by repositioning and/or training existing staff,” Mr. Barrett wrote.

Disney executives said their Orlando firings resulted in an increase of 70 technology jobs (is that true & where?). They also said that they are rehiring some of the people who were fired. Rehiring "a few" probably for less money & having to start their previously earned benefits all over as though they never worked at Disney.

Dear Disney,
Happy the United States of America could help incubate you, so you could then destroy Americans' lives who trusted their employment with you.

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