BattleZone the VR update 2016

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BattleZone the VR update 2016

Postby labnip » Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:37 pm

see trailer video here (sound on) -->

Virtual reality during the last few years have became more and more popular and that especially because headsets and motion sensors technology today have became so powerful to be able to transport gamers in another dimension, for real! VR seems to be the next big thing int the video game industry and as a matter of fact, even a forgotten genre like Arcade due its return to it. After 36 years a great classic is going to come back into VR. It was the first vector videogame back in the days and considered the first FPS also. We are talking about the excellent Battlezone VR!
Developed by Rebellion Studio for PS4, Battlezone VR will bring you into a futuristic war where you will have to survive piloting your tank. That's just the same premise that the game proposed back in the days when it came out in 1980 but, this time, you will be surrounded by an high-tech cabin thanks to VR!

The sensation is just incredible. You are sitting inside your tank and the dashboard in front of you feel so close and so real! The Ps4 controllers make moving your tank really intuitive with the left thumbstick, while aiming and shooting with your right hand. A wonderful retro colorful 3D graphics suits the game perfectly and rappresent a link with the first chapter of the 80's. In Battlezone VR you will face different kinds of opponents and will be up to you to choose the most effective weapon and the best strategy to get rid of them! Combining a simple straight forward Arcade gameplay style seems to be a winning combo as demonstrated by the enthusiasm of gamers who tried already this great upcoming game at E3! For the rest of us we will have to be patience until October 13th 2016 but meanwhile you can always watch the incredible trailer we linked below gamers!!!

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