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Defender Pinball - all about & fan club

Postby labnip » Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:46 pm

This thread is for all the Defender Pinball fans !!

Have fun & let us know who's an owner, who wants to buy one, who's selling & any great info about Defender Pinball.

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Defender Pinball - Rules

Postby labnip » Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:47 pm

Here's the Defender Pinball Rules Sheet

Defender Pinball

Game Rules

    A Wave consists of 15 Landers that try to capture Humanoids (Bonus).
    Complete as many Waves as possible while preventing loss of Humanoids.
    Hit all the Lander drop targets to complete each Wave.
    If any Landers become Mutants, they must also be hit to complete the Wave.
    Completing the 10th Wave awards the Special (an adjustable feature).

Humanoid -
    10 Humanoids Lamps are lit at the start of a new game.
    Completing the Wave scores Humanoid value times each lit Humanoid.
    The Humanoid value lamps increase from 1,000 for the 1st Wave, to 5,000 for the 5th Wave and subsequent Waves.

Ball Drain
    Draining the Ball: scores a bonus, starts a Wave over and restores 10 Humanoids.

Reverse -
    This is the manual ball save on the left out-lane of the playfield.
    There's a separate button on the left side of the cabinet (by the left flipper button) that the player uses to launch a left plunger.
    If the player times the ball falling down the left out-lane with pressing the Reverse button, the plunger will fire just in time to kick the ball back into the playfield, making it still available to play. Push the button too soon or too late and the Reverse feature will be used without saving the ball and the ball will just drain.
    A new Reverse power must be earned to be usable again.

Extra Ball -
    Every 5th Wave awards the player an Extra Ball and restores 10 Humanoids.

    Baiters appear randomly to block shots.
    These are the pop-up drop targets in the middle of the playfield).

    There are 10 physical Lander pop-up targets on the playfield.
    However, these 10 physical Lander pop-ups will randomly pop-up until the player has hit 15 of them.
    During each Wave, 15 Lander drop targets will appear at random with their goal to capture Humanoids. If a Lander captures a Humanoid, the Mutant lamp in front of the Lander and Humanoid lamp will flash, allowing time for the player to rescue the Humanoid by hitting the target. If a flashing target is not hit in time, the Humanoid is lost, the Mutant lamp stays lit and the Lander Target disappears. This allows the Mutant Bull’s-Eye to change positions randomly, making the Wave more difficult to complete. In higher Waves, Landers become more aggressive.

Mutants -
    When (and if) a Lander captures a Humanoid and turns into a Mutant, the player must hit the pop-up target and the stand-up target to destroy the Mutant in that position.

Bomber Lanes
    Rolling over each of the Bomber lanes 1 through 4, at the top of the playfield, will advance the Bonus multiplier (adjustable feature) and lights the Left-Drain Lane for reverse (adjustable feature) capability. The use the left-drain lane reverse, press the Reverse Button on the left side of the cabinet. The flipper Lane Change switch rotates 1 through 4 lamps at the top of the playfield from left to right. Achieving 10X Bonus multiplier lights the Bull’s-Eye for Warp (adjustable feature). Warping advances the player by an increase of 3 Waves.

    Hitting a Pod target lights a random number of Swarmer lamps. Destroy each Swarmer by hitting Swarmer Bull’s-Eyes or the Swarmer standup. Destroying all lit Swarmers scores 50,000 points. Destroying all Swarmers from both Pod targets will open the right-side Return Gate. When the right-side Return Gate opens, the right-side ball drain is blocked and the ball will be sent into the plunger shooter lane for the player to plunge again.

Multi-ball Play
    Locking a ball in the top-right side Lockup Trough will score the player 5,000 points for the 1st and 2nd balls. It will also light the Bull’s-Eye for Multi-Ball game play mode. Hitting the lit Bull’s-Eye releases all the captured balls and scores 5,000 points for each ball that is released. Locking 3 balls will automatically start the 3 ball Multi-Ball game play mode, releasing all 3 balls from the Lockup Trough.

Smart Bombs
    A new game starts with having 3 Smart Bombs available. Pressing the Smart Bomb button on the right side of the cabinet (next to flipper button) will eliminate all the Landers, Baiters and Swarmers on the playfield. Using the Smart Bomb also completes a Wave if all Landers have appeared and no Mutants exist. Completing odd numbered Waves will award an extra Smart Bomb to the player.

Please only link to this information & do not copy & paste it elsewhere as it took time to write this up.

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