Aliens Pinball - news, info, fans, mods, ...

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Aliens Pinball - news, info, fans, mods, ...

Postby whiteshadow » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:15 pm

All things about the Aliens Pinball machine !

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Postby whiteshadow » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:15 pm

Here's the news on Aliens Pinball Machine:
Jump in and start a conversation about what you think.

Oct 19, 2014

Thank you for the huge amount of interest in our second game - Alien Pinball.
We are as excited to make this game as you are and believe us when we say that we want this game to be every bit as good as you do.
Both 'Alien' and 'Aliens' are all-time classics and the potential for a pinball machine has always been huge. Over the coming months, we want to share with you as much information as we can, and when we are permitted to do so by our licensor.
With pre-orders going very well and to make things fair for people who want to know more about the game before ordering, we are going to show you the basic game layout as it stands now.
We must emphasise that this layout should not be considered as final at this point, and is subject to change. With regards to the toys and their positions, it should be assumed that not everything is present and what is, is also subject to change. The whitewood will be built within the next 2-3 weeks, and then testing will begin.
Within this thread, and via our Facebook and Twitter feeds, we will aim to bring you the latest info as soon as we can, and answer any questions you may have.
We have been busy at Pinball Expo over the last 4 days and have not been able to reply to all of the many emails we have received about this game. Please bear with us for another 24 hours and we will endeavour to have replied to everyone individually
Thanks for reading.
Heighway Pinball
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Re: Aliens Pinball - news, info, fans, mods, ...

Postby whiteshadow » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:16 pm

Here is the basic playfield layout, with the shot descriptions:

aliens-playfield-oct19-2014.jpg (75.17 KiB) Viewed 3679 times

Oct 20, 2014:

With the screen, it's difficult to lock down the screen design to any one style because you restrict the usage and impact of the screen. For example, someone suggested (Aurich I believe) that there could be a 'Mother' decal for the screen. This would be great for all 'Mother' type messages, but would be unsuitable for a full screen motion tracker. We believe the best and most versatile solution is to let the screen itself provide the surround graphics

Oct 25, 2014:

Here is the pricing info:
Full Throttle - Standard Edition Upgrade
2 x Cabinet Sideart
1 x Printed Backbox Artwork Panel
1 x Fully Populated Playfield
1 x Game Software
UK: £2,800 (including 20% VAT) + Delivery
Europe: €3,600 (including 20% sales tax - this may vary depending on country) + shipping
USA/Canada: $3,750 (net - no sales tax added, but may be applicable) + shipping from USA warehouse
Alien Pinball - Standard Edition Upgrade
2 x Cabinet Sideart
1 x Printed Backbox Artwork Panel
1 x Fully Populated Playfield
1 x Game Software
1 x Shooter Rod Plate Assembly (if this appears on the finished game)
UK: £2,900 (including 20% VAT) + Delivery
Europe: €3,700 (including 20% sales tax - this may vary depending on country) + shipping
USA/Canada: $3,900 (net - no sales tax added, but may be applicable) + shipping from USA warehouse
Ordering for SE Upgrades will be available via our website next week
Limited Edition Upgrades, for both games, are a little more complicated as there are different options depending on trim, hardware, etc...
We will post more information, including pricing, on LE upgrades next week

Question: Will settings and scores be retained when playfields are swapped over?
Answer: The answer to this is "yes they will be"

The height of our game, without topper is 2000mm but it is in fact 1900mm. The Alien topper is expected to be 150mm, so the overall height, including topper, should be 2050mm, although it could go as high as 2100 depending on the size of the beacons that we finally use.

Nov 22, 2014:

We have a load of material submitted to Fox right now, including the Standard Edition artwork package (translite and sideart), a draft version of the playfield art, a 2.5 minute video of gameplay (from the playable version of Alien Pinball - which currently concentrates on Aliens, but will soon include Alien) and draft versions of most of the toys.
In the meantime, the playfield files have been modified for a new insert type that we are testing (which holds the mechanisms onto the underside of the playfield). We are exploring new ways of building prototype ramps for this game, and a new way to prototype ball guides. All in, we believe we are still on course to be testing the Alien Pinball whitewood by around the end of the first week in December.
As mentioned in a previous post, we are hoping to post an update on the game within the first 10 days of December - the content of which will depend on what is approved, or not, by our licensor
The video version of the game plays really well and the few people that have played it, love it.
We will be participating in questions both here and on our own forums. We will do our best to answer any questions as quickly as possible, but if there is sometimes a delay of a few days, then please do not be offended.

Generic Aliens pinball cabinet:
aliens-pin-cabinet-1.jpg (29.95 KiB) Viewed 3678 times
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Re: Aliens Pinball - news, info, fans, mods, ...

Postby whiteshadow » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:16 pm

Nov 24, 2014:

We understand that some people may see us as 'boutique' because we are new, but we have set ourselves up to be a mass producer of games. As well as having Full Throttle and Alien Pinball in development, we have an additional 3 games also in development, including one game from John Trudeau.
As for shipping games - we would like to respectfully point out that we have already designed, built and shipped out 251 games globally, for Bacardi.
But if you would like to see full blown pinball games on a production line then we respect that. We are ramping up our operations and are still targeting the beginning of 'Full Throttle' production in January 2015 - so you should not have long to wait

Dec 10, 2014:

Dennis has chosen to move on but it changes nothing as the game layout design is completed. Will it change by the time we reach production? Probably - but only after it has gone through the normal development process. We have other game designers at our company who have already stepped in and will continue to be involved in this process until we reach production.
Basic rules for this game were discussed by all parties involved at an early stage and already feature on our fully playable digital version of this game.
There will be more news and updates before Christmas but if anyone has any questions that need answering, we are more than happy to answer them

Dec 12, 2014:

As we are still awaiting some approvals and we want to give you an update now, we would like to share with you a basic 3-D image of the playfield design.
This is a very basic render, without any artwork, and missing some features and toys - but it gives you a better look at how the playfield should look from the player's perspective.
The toys shown are just model mock-ups at this stage.
Please note that all aspects of this playfield are subject to change.
aliens-pin-playfield-141212.jpg (48.82 KiB) Viewed 3678 times

By having a virtual game first, we can test shots initially to see if they work in principle. Although this only gives guidelines, it has proven fairly accurate when it comes to building the real thing.
The biggest advantage, though, is to develop rules very quickly - as well as lighting effects, sound effects, voice call outs, video animations and dashboard workings.
With the rules testing, it allows us to have a very good idea about hardware aspects such as switch placements
Essentially, the virtual game allows us to speed up the development process very quickly. This is why we believe that an April production start date is achievable.
The biggest potential delay is the approval process with our licensor. However, at this point we are happy with progress.
We intend to show you pictures of the bare whitewood by next week and will keep the updates coming to you as quickly as possible

Dec 14, 2014:

Artwork - playfield concept art is still awaiting approval. Artwork package "A" is also awaiting approval, including translite and sideart. Individual elements have been submitted, as well as videos showing gameplay, rules, some working toys and shotmaps. We have had very positive feedback from our licensor, but no approvals on these specifics yet. Please trust us that we would LOVE to show you material now - but we simply cannot do this until we have official approvals
Whitewood - whitewood playfield is being cut this week. We have some delays on ball guides and the ramps due to us needing to change out prototyping processes. Once we have firmed these, then it will make prototyping games far easier and quicker in the future. We still hope to show you the whitewood before Christmas, and maybe before the end of this week. The ball guides and ramp will, realistically now, not be ready until the first 10 days of January. From here, once we are into whitewood testing, then we can make changes needed and look to have a second playfield flipping before the end of January- depending of course, on how many modifications will need to be made to the existing design.
Assets - we have a HUGE wishlist of assets, including many video segments from both movies. These have now been compiled and will be submitted for approval this week. We would assume that we will get approval for what we are allowed to use, before the end of January. These assets can then be dropped into our software for this game. Work on assets that we will create, such as the screen dashboard, will begin in January - and continue until the the game is complete.
Gameplay - we will continue to develop the game's rules in our virtual game sim. It's already playing very well, but there is still much work to be done to make this game as good as can be. Our sim currently concentrates on 'Aliens' and much of the work over the next few months will be developing the 'Alien' ruleset.
So, we apologise for not being able to show you any more images right now, other than some more close up renders. Again, please note that the material depicted in these renders is subject to change.
We would also dearly love to show gameplay videos, but they feature artwork and concepts that are not approved yet.
As soon as we get approvals, then we will show you a lot more. As soon as the whitewood is flipping in early January, then we will show you videos too.
Thanks for reading.

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more info

Postby whiteshadow » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:32 pm

Dec 15, 2014:

There are two story arcs for this game - one for each movie.
We are experimenting with two different options here.
One option is that you select which movie you want to play in, before you start the game. When you complete all of the modes, and the final wizard mode for that movie, then you automatically start the other movie.
The second option is that you compete in modes at random, probably selected by pop bumper hits, and then you access a movie's wizard mode when you complete that movie's modes.
Both options could even be present in the final game - with the default setting being able to be changed in game adjustments.
Or, as we get deeper into rules testing and development, then we may come up with another solution.

Dec 16, 2014:

First a company secures the license. Next they give a plan of action, including a rough concept of the game they want to make, and a schedule to make it all happen - this can include sketches, drawings, etc...
Then the company offically submits the concept of the game they want to make. This is what we did roughly 6 weeks ago. Today we officially got approval for the game concept we want to make.
Of course, the concept can change organically during the development process - but that's all part of building a pinball machine
The next step is for official approval of specifics, such as artwork elements, logos, etc... These were submitted at the same time and approval could be days or weeks - depending on our licensor and the number of people who are involved in various aspects of the approval process. You would be surprised at just how many different people need to get involved for different aspects of a license.

Dec 19, 2014:

And here is a photo of the bare 'Alien Pinball' whitewood playfield:
aliens-pin-playfield-whitewood-141222.jpg (29 KiB) Viewed 3678 times

Jan 06, 2015:

Everything is going well, and according to plan.
Ball guides are about to be made, The ramps are being profiled now.
We will be busy for the next 10 days preparing for the EAG trade show, and our Launch Event and Launch Party at the end of next week. Alien development will continue during this time.
We are aiming to have all parts assembled, and to begin whitewood testing, around 23rd January.
We will keep you updated that week as to our progress.

Jan 28, 2015:

We want to give you an update as to where we are with Alien Pinball development.
The whitewood is built up, as you can see from the photos, and is just awaiting the ball guides - which will be finished by next week. Once installed, we can switch it on and start flipping it. We have printed the ball guides and mechanisms onto the wood surface, so you can see where many of the major parts will go.
There have been some modifications to the ramp files, so prototype ramps will not feature on this whitewood, as they will change significantly by the next prototype playfield.
We are working on a possible major new toy at the moment, featuring a xenomorph, which will really enhance the game, if it appears. More news on this later.
We are nearly at the stage where we can show you some backglass art and sideart - and as soon as we get official approval, we will post images here.
We will report back shortly with more photos showing the ball guides installed, and hopefully a short video showing the whitewood being flipped.
aliens-pin-playfield-150128.jpg (33.37 KiB) Viewed 3678 times
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Re: Aliens Pinball - news, info, fans, mods, ...

Postby whiteshadow » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:38 pm

Feb 17, 2015:

A quick update for you - Alien whitewood guides arrived late Friday afternoon.
We are just wiring it up now and expect to be flipping this afternoon, or the morning.
Will give you more updates as soon as we are flipping.

Feb 19, 2015:

Ball guides installed - electronics hooked up ... game flipping at 17.00 today, UK time
We took some video and will edit it in the morning and then post it here later in the day Friday.
It will be very basic footage of course, but you can get an idea of how some of the shots play out.
Already though, there are some really fun shots

Feb 20, 2015:

Here is the very first test of the first Alien Pinball whitewood - as promised.
This whitewood is used primarily for testing shots.
Lessons learnt from this playfield will be applied to the second whitewood - which will represent a much more advanced layout of the game.
When watching this video, please factor in the following:
* There are no rules programmed into this version
* The playfield LCD is not present on this version
* Some shots do not exist on this version yet
* There are no toys present yet
* There are no ramps on this version. The only ramp present is to help keep the ball in play while testing
* Mechanisms are not properly adjusted at this point, so some mechanisms may appear to be too weak or too strong

Mar 28, 2015:

Let me to explain a part of our system that very few people know about.
We have all seen how tatty cabinets can become over time. Worse still, vandalism can make a game look very poor. Nobody likes to see "I LOVE MY MOM" etched into a cabinet side! So, it's a good time to report that even the cabinet side panels, cabinet front panel and backbox front frame are all interchangable too. This means that should a panel ever become damaged, for example, then it can be easily replaced. In the future, new trims will be available to allow customers to fully customise their machines. For example, your sitting room may have a lot of pine in it. So, you will be able to purchase a pine-effect trim package for your cabinet in the future to allow your game to really blend into its environment. Such a changeover should take no more than 10 minutes.
So, back to the metal trim and Bemmett's question. The LE's are meant to be 'collectable' items, so customers will likely not want to swap other games in and out of their LE cabinet. However, this is a question of preference only because there is nothing to stop any other HP game being switched in and out of an LE cabinet.
The question then becomes one of metal trim. Currently we do not offer LE 'upgrades' because this becomes very complicated from a hardware perspective. However, we do intend to sell SE metal trim packages. Therefore, an LE owner could buy an SE cabinet and/or metal trim package to convert their LE cabinet back to an SE cabinet - should they wish to.
We will go into more details about pricing on these different scenarios closer to the release of our second game.

Mar 30, 2015:

Just to confirm - our games are fully swappable between cabinets, whether they are SE's or LE's
We will have a full 'Alien Pinball' update for you this coming Friday

Apr 03, 2015:

As promised, we are giving you an update on the progress of our ‘Alien Pinball’ game.
We admit that we certainly underestimated the approvals process with the licensors that we are working with on our current games in development. We are not criticising any of the licensors we are working with, but clearly there are many departments that deal with all aspects of a license – and it can take a lot of time to get the approvals and direction from a number of key people – particularly at the conceptual stages
Also, with the ‘Alien’ license it is clearly one of the biggest licenses in existence – and 36 years after the first film was released, it is still very current – with Alien 5 and Prometheus 2 both in development. Therefore, it is to be expected that FOX would want to take their time with such a prized asset.
After a number of delays, we are definitely back on track again. Here is an update on the individual elements of this game:
• Backglass Artwork – approved in principle for the SE edition. Being amended for officlal approval
• Sideart Artwork – approved in principle for the SE edition. Being amended for official approval
• Playfield 3-D models – work begins on models this week and will be submitted week-by-week for approval
• Playfield Artwork – overview and elements approved in principle – high res versions being drawn now, and will be submitted for approval accordingly
• Playfield Toys – a lot of work has been spent on this over the last few months. We felt that the current toys did not do enough justice to the license and so we have reviewed this. New toys are being worked on now. In particular, we have a very exciting xenomorph toy that is intended to become the main toy for this game
• Playfield layout – with the lessons learnt from the first whitewood, the playfield is now being re-worked and the next version will be much closer to the finished game. We expect to be making the second whitewood within the next 2-3 weeks
Now that most of the conceptual issues have been approved, and many of the draft element concepts too, from this point onwards we are expecting the approvals process to be much faster. We also expect to be able to show you substantial developments on a much more regular basis from now – including key artwork elements.
We are hoping to show you some of these key developments in our next major update – which is planned for a month from now.
Clearly we have learnt some lessons about the licensing process. So what does this mean for the timeline of this game? Everyone involved with this game is in agreement that we are going to target the UK Pinball Party, on 21st-23rd August 2015 (at Heighway Pinball’s factory in Merthyr Tydfil, UK) as the global launch of this game.
We have some exciting new additions to our team that will be announced very shortly.
To anyone who was expecting artwork or specific reveals in this update, then we apologise that this has not happened. We must make sure that we only reveal elements of this game when our licensor has approved them. Please believe us that the minute we are able to show them to you, we will do so.
Everyone involved with this game is determined to make this the best possible ‘Alien’ licensed game that it is possible to make and we thank you for your patience.
Thanks for reading,
Andrew Heighway


We are trying to get to the New England show in the Summer, followed by Expo in October and IAAPA in November. We will look at other shows as well if it's possible for us to do them

June 16, 2015:

An update on the Alien Pinball development.
We have been quiet for a while, but we have been very busy with development.
Our progress over the last few months includes:
1. Playfield re-design, to incorporate what we learned from the first whitewood (new playfield about to be cut and built)
2. New toys - including interactive ones
3. Models - some built, others in development
4. Feature development, including rotating beacon testing
5. Rules development
6. LCD screen animations development
7. Artwork development
8. Sound development
So why aren't we showing you any of this? Our licensor wants us to keep a lid on publicity for the time being. We, of course, will abide by their request - even though we would love to show you our progress now. However, it won't be long, I'm sure, before we can show you a 'big reveal' soon.
We are still pushing hard to show working prototypes at the UK Pinball Party at our factory on 21st-23rd August.

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