Stern Service Bulletins

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Stern Service Bulletins

Postby whiteshadow » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:00 pm

Service Bulletin #184

June 12, 2015

Use of anything else other than an authorized Stern Pinball OEM shaker motor assembly on a SPIKE equipped game could damage the game’s cabinet node board and will void your game’s warranty.


The game will not start after installing an aftermarket shaker motor assembly. The game’s start button, coin switches, Plumb Bob tilt and coin door G/I lamps do not work.


Aftermarket shaker motors have a 100Uf -50V capacitor between the motor’s blue wire and the shaker motor frame. The capacitor causes excessive currents to flow as a result of pulse width modulation (PWD) used to control the speed of the motor. This excessive current exceeds design parameters causing damaging failures of the cabinet Node board.

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