Tron Lego Opportunity

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Tron Lego Opportunity

Postby labnip » Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:11 pm

LEGO is considering creating some Tron Lego toys that could be used for all kinds of interesting purposes including Mods for Pinball, Video Games & Man Cave Decorations.

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The tron light cycle is based on the Disney : Tron Legacy film and consists of a tron light cycle with a user minifigure Sam Flynn it also comes with a Grid base to mount the light cycle on for display.

The light cycle allows a minifigure to easily fit into and clip onto the handles, the light cycle its self has a console in front of the user, two handle bars and detailing down the sides, there is also a power stream behind connected to the light cycle. The Sam Flynn minifigure comes in a tron suit with helmet and disc connected on the back of the minifigure for added detail. The light cycle can easily be mounted on to the Grid base with two connection points and the base has the Grid effect with black and trans-blue tiles creating a tron feel and has a medium azure trim for finish.

tron-legoB-2.JPG (62.19 KiB) Viewed 3079 times

The Tron Legacy Rinzler Light Cycle is based on the Disney 2010: Tron Legacy film and is a new upgraded version of my original idea and is now for Rinzler with the Trans-Orange effect.

Main Features to the Tron Legacy Rinzler Light Cycle:
- New Light Cycle Design
- Light Cycle Wheels Spin
- Light up Grid Base
- New Rinzler Design

It consists of a new tron light cycle design which now has spinning wheels for easy play on and off the display stand and also still has great detailing down the light cycle.
The Rinzler minifigure can easily fit onto the handle bars for a stream line pose just like in the movie and there’s still a control panel. The Rinzler minifigure its self would have metallic/orange print on the torso and legs and 2 discs which would clip onto his back.
The grid base/display stand reflects the Tron vibe with the black and trans-orange effect in the Grid pattern, but it has been raised up to incorporate a light brick which can be turned on by pushing the axle rod in. Pushing the rod in lights up the trans-orange tiles below the Tron Light Cycle giving it that iconic feel, preferably a larger or 2 light up brick may be put in for a better glow.

tron-legoB-4.JPG (69.45 KiB) Viewed 3079 times

These are light cycles from Tron Legacy. They include Sam Flynn, Clu, the blue team, and the orange team. They each have a Tron Legacy figure that includes an identity disc. The light trails can be easily removed. The backs can also lift up to allow the figure to sit up more. Each cycle also includes a control panel in front of the figure.

This set is built upside down so as to allow the figure to sit up like they do in the movie. This is a fun and easy build that can be played with. Each cycle has a clear spot just below the figure where the engine is. Their are not many Tron Legacy toys out on the market which is why this would be good to have out there.
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Help get this project approved !!

1. go here -->
2. Create an account at Lego
3. click "Support" for all 3 projects.

Here's other Tron Lego projects that need your "Support":

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